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GeoPilgrim Import Export Business Educational focuses on starting and running import export business as a small business, but not as an obsession — terms such as career or a job are not going to be discussed. Emphasis is on rather a wider perception of business and life in general, basically where business is part of a lifestyle and a quality of life is a result of the relaxed, work – to – travel and “all’ll be right ” attitude. After all life is a journey, not a destination, and import export business can become a lifestyle, not a career or a job!


My name is Tomas Belcik and I have been an importer, wholesaler and retailer of products from South and Southeast Asia, Africa, China, Latin America and Europe for over 30 years, and an import export business instructor at CFU in Denver, Colorado since 1988. I have imported furnishings and decorative accessories, architectural artifacts, fashion accessories and many other products from all over the world, especially South and Southeast Asia. In addition to teaching I offer consulting, product buying and product development services from countries that may be of interest to you to import a product from. For more information, please go to Consulting.