Import Export Consulting, Buying and Product Development, Business Startup, Investment & Relocation Overseas Services

Import Export Business Consulting

If you need consulting on your import, retail or wholesale venture, I am available either in person, provided you live in Denver, Colorado, area, or by phone or email. My rates for in-person one-on-one consulting, are $75 per hour, $65 per hour if you had attended my classes at the Colorado Free University or bought my materials, either CDs, tapes, videos or publications. If you may have a specific request / need help that may entail several meetings or ongoing review of product samples, documents and related materials, email me and I will quote you a rate based on an estimate of time necessary to respond to your needs and our mutual agreement.

Product Development

pen-idea-bulb-paperWhether you may be already in retail or wholesale or simply are just thinking about a new product to import, which at this stage may only be an idea, I may be able to help. Taking a product design or a sample overseas to manufacture it there will typically lower your product development and manufacturing costs than doing the same in the United States or Europe. You can approach me with a drawing, sketch, photograph or a sample of a product that you would like to manufacture overseas and import into the United States or any other country, and I will give you an answer as to where you may consider to produce it. My services in the course of a product development entail taking your product idea to a typically third-world country where I know exists the necessary skilled labor to manufacture it at a desirable quality and price. I’ll go there and prepare a sample for your approval. I’ll oversee the product development, manufacture as well as quality control and the preparation of your shipment and export shipping documents. Typically my charges will be based on time and travel expenses, plus commissions, and/or combination of both and possibly other factors. As above, all projects are negotiable. To get started, please send me an email.

Make Another Country Your Second Home

Second HomeI offer consulting on business start-up, investment, relocation, real estate acquisition and assistance in general on countries such as Czech Republic, Panama, Thailand, India etc. All over the world there are fine properties to buy, great houses to live in, fine food, wine, beaches, mountains, boating, biking, mountain climbing and the pleasures of the flesh. In some countries, there is also the possibility of becoming a casualty of local civil strife and wars, which is, some would argue, a decidedly more interesting end than being run over by a Ford Pinto on a street in Anytown, USA. It probably doesn’t hurt to have an open mind, know a few of the local dances, and to have some decent life insurance. But the bottom line is that there indeed is life worth living and business worth conducting beyond the frontiers of this country, hence if you may be interested in guidance on this topic, please let me know.