United States Customs: Marking Requirements on Goods

CountryAll merchandise entering the United Sates must be clearly marked with a sticker indicating the country of origin. The protocol is to have all items marked, thus if you happen to be importing 2,000 pieces of hand carved masks from Bali, each item will have to have a sticker attached that says, Made in Indonesia.

Merchandise without appropriate markings may be ceased or Customs may require that your broker attaches the sticker for you as you, the importer, don’t have an access inside the US Customs bonded warehouse where your cargo may be waiting to clear the customs. Such a task will certainly constitute a delay as well an additional charge from the broker, once again resulting in increased landed costs of your goods. Thus before you give a go ahead for your goods to be packed at the shipper’s warehouse in the country of origin, make sure that all of your items are properly marked.