Start an Import Export Business

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Start an Import Export Business

Start a Lifestyle Business

Life is a journey, not a destination! and your import export business  can become a lifestyle, not a career or a job!

money-card-business-credit-card-50987I wish someone had explained the principles of this business to me about 40 years ago… because I’d have succeeded a whole lot sooner! Everything I learnt in this business has come as a result of my own trial and error, having learnt by doing, by experience.

Globalization and free trade has created new opportunities in the import export business, which in turn create many opportunities in how and where you can choose to work and live!

Import from abroad35 years ago when I started in this business, there was little if any information on import export business available. By early 90s there were handful of titles in the public library on international trade and exports in general but almost nothing that focused on importing. With the advent of Internet and there is suddenly profusion of titles. As information sells, much of what is available is produced by those that research the subject and then package it, without ever having been in business. But there is lot more to this subject than meets the eye. To get started, have a look at my page titled Insider’s Guide to Successful Importing from the Third World. Do make sure you check out all of my Courses, as to do it right you best have a complete picture what the import export business entails and how best to get involved in it.



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