Import Export Business Shipping Documents

DocumentsUnderstanding shipping documents is absolutely essential to your success in import export business. Without a specific document attached with your shipment you will not be able to clear US Customs. You will have to hire a Customhouse Broker to get the missing document for you. The process of procuring the correct document(s) may take anywhere from days to weeks all the while your shipment will sit in a US Customs bonded warehouse.


Once the document arrives, only then, your Customs Broker will be able to finish clearing your shipment through US Customs. Once that is done you will be finally able to pickup your goods from the warehouse of the last carrier that brought it to the destination. Unfortunately any carrier before releasing the shipment to you will charge you storage charges on your shipment. The amount charged can be billed based on weight or volume. In either case the extra expense incurred will increase your landed cost of your shipment and diminish your ultimate profit on the sale of your imported goods.

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