Importing from the Third World

Many importers that are still learning how to start an import export business think they found a product to import from a particular country. In many cases that country may be an European country.

Third WorldLet me make this perfectly clear: just because you can find a product to import from, for example Italy, it does not mean you have to import it from Italy. You could successfully import the very same product from a Third World country, for example Thailand.

If you will be opening an Italian Delicatessen store, then yes, absolutely, you have to import that product from Italy!  Case in point, Italian Salami. Yes, if you plan to open Italian delicatessen you best import Italian salami from Italy.

But if plan on selling the salami to clientele that can care a less where it was made, they just love the taste and in fact do not even know where Italy is (please, watch Jay Leno, there are many people like that in the United States today…), than you do not have to import the Italian salami from Italy! Your import export shipping documents can read the country of origin is Thailand.

Indeed, you can have that salami made in Bangkok, Thailand and it will taste just as good as the Italian-made salami but the Thai will actually make is probably at half the price of the Italian-made salami. That is a fact. And of course the country of origin sticker, a requirement of US Customs, will say, Made in Thailand. Otherwise it will be very much the same product.

Think about it what I just said and let it sink!