Importing Solar Water Heaters and Renewable Energy Products

solarCurrent emphasis on assessing our individual impact on our environment, urging us to transform our lifestyle to be more sustainable, has proliferated creation of Renewable Energy Products and startup of Renewable Energy Businesses. The trend offers great opportunities in import-wholesale and import-retail of products in the category of solar power systems. In the forefront of this product category are solar water heaters, solar power generators, solar water pumps, solar chargers, solar lighting products, solar fans and other photovoltaic systems products as well as related green products such as wind turbines.
HeatThe heart of the solar systems are the solar collectors, heat exchangers and related components, all of which may require you become familiar with the solar thermal energy technology, at least to some degree, so as to be able to compare products available in countries such as China and India and assess their suitability for importation and marketing in Western Europe and United States.

Needless to say, as cost of gas and electricity has gone up in recent years homeowners have become more interested in cutting down their energy bills and started buying a solar systems. Those that are still considering the move toward renewal energy are usually concerned about system cost, return on their investment – system payback time, tax benefits and rebates. There is no doubt that solar hot water systems do work and homeowners can save up to 80% on their electrical bills as well as protect our environment, and DIY ideas in Solar And Wind Power have indeed come a long way!

Before you venture into importing solar hot water heaters it’s best you learn how to build a solar hot water heater, how to install them, what parts are needed and ideally even construct one yourself or at least observe an installation so as to gain a better understanding of the entire solar water heater system, and especially its most crucial part, the solar panel. The solar panel is the component that changes the energy of the sun into electrical power and understanding its merits when looking at those offered by export suppliers overseas is essential to the market success of your imported products; it goes without saying that this is important even more so if you are considering to go into product design and development and outsourcing its manufacturing overseas.
EnergyIndia and China are your best sources for importing renewable energy products. If you are serious about import export in solar energy products, make sure you attend the International Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference & Exhibition, November 18 – 20, 2009 in Beijing, China. This is China’s key trade show focusing on solar thermal technology and solar design.

Once you setup your supply side of your import export process you should consider exhibiting at the Premier All Renewable Energy Business Event in the United States, the Renewable Energy Technology Conference and ExhibitionRETECH, that is scheduled to take place in Washington, D.C., in 2010. Building on the success of its February 2009 event in Las Vegas, the trade show is expected to attract over 250 exhibitors, and if you’ll decide to market your imported solar products on a wholesale level, this is a must-show for you to begin attracting buyers and spur orders.

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