Incorrect Textile Visa

Textile VisaAs noted above, in the event your goods arrive into the United States without Textile Visa document, you won’t be able to clear US Customs until your broker will obtain the missing document from your seller or the trade office of the country you are importing from. Similarily, and this can be very possibly more likely scenario, your shipment will arive in the United States with an incorrect textile visa. In such a case as in the previous example, the entry is rejected and the merchandise is not released until the importer receives a corrected visa, new visa or obtains a visa waiver from the government.


The textile visa categories are three-digit numbers, for example 300, 340, 347 etc., each referring to specific type of textile articles, whether garments, pillow cases, table cloth etc. What can happen is that either your supplier or the shipper in the country of origin by mistake stamps a wrong visa number on the document. Whether it was a genuine mistake, an oversight, or a blatant error, you will not be able to clear US Customs until there is a correction made to the textile visa. You may get lucky and obtain a waiver, but more often than not a new document will have to be issued. As in the previous example, the process to mitigate the problem will take time and cause delay in customs clearance and consequently also increase the landed cost of your goods, whether due to extra charges billed to you by your broker, US Customs or the carrier in whose warehouse your shipment sat awaiting release.

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