Myth of where you need to import your product from

Foriegn countryDo you want to import Icelandic sweaters, Norwegian and other Scandinavian woolens? Unless there is a need to do as I mentioned in my previous example with the Italian lighting fixtures why buy your woolens in Iceland or Norway? Take your Icelandic, Norwegian, Scandinavian designs to Bolivia and knock it off there for one fifth of the cost! That’s how you must think of doing import export business today!

The finished product will look pretty much the same, except the label will say “Made in Bolivia!” Most buyers won’t care! They’ll love your designs and especially your attractive prices!

You just can’t imagine what you might discover once you start learning about import export business more in depth. It’s shocking!┬áTake Venice: great majority of souvenirs that 95% of the millions of tourists buy in Venice while on their vacations are Venetian designs and motives indeed but they’re not made there – they are made in Taiwan and China!

Most of the big companies in this country are not telling you where exactly and how cheaply they make their product, the product you want and buy. OK, they may sell you “Rocky Mountain Backpack” and you can see it was made in China because there is a sticker on it that says “Made in China” – remember, it has to be there per the US Customs Marking Requirements – but they don’t blast the info to you, they focus on the fact that what they sell is “Rocky Mountain Design” and the product was probably designed in Boulder or California. You will think “Boulder USA” all the way when you see and handle the product, not the fact that it was manufactured in China.

You can even find Navaho jewelry made in India! Do you think it’s much different than what you could find in Santa Fe on the plaza? You say that’s sad, unethical, and most will agree with you, but that’s the nature of import export business.

I would not suggest that if you run an Italian delicatessen that you go and buy your Italian sausage in Bangkok but you could in fact buy it there and import it from there, as Made in Thailand product! And it will probably look and taste just as good to most uninitiated connoisseurs. That’s the truth about import export business.

It’s a complete myth to think that Norwegian product must come from Norway, or Italian from Italy! In situations where the buyer demands the product comes from the original source it’s imperative that you import it from there, but not in general and you can source the entire world.