Products to Import – Health and Beauty Products from Thailand

BeautySoutheast Asia has always been a great part of the world to import a product from, especiall in the sphere of textiles, furnishings, arts and crafts. The superior quality of Thai or Balinese handcrafted products has been well known all over the world. As the US economy slid into an economic meltdown, massive layoffs followed and consumer spending had plummeted , the global economy started to suffer the consequences. Falling demand for Asian goods in the US and the West created global downturn across the entire spectrum of developing nations. While countries like Cambodia, which depends mainly on garment exports, is experiencing nearly 10% slump in export sales, Vietnam’s economy on the other hand is expected to expand this year. Exports from countries such as China or Indonesia contracted some 25% this year, while exports from India fell over 30%.

Although dreadful economic downturns are nothing new to Southeast Asia, last major one of which in middle 90s literally crushed the value of Thai Bhatt and Indonesian Rupiah, there are also signs that this time the economies of mainly the ASEAN member nations, in particular Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines are more resilient, namely on account of having attracted substantial foreign investment over the last decade and particularly the last few years.

Thailand has had traditionally one of the strongest economies of Asia and although its overall exports, namely sales of tableware, kitchenware, ceramics, garments and textiles in general, leather products, footwear, canned goods as well as sea food fell overall some 25 % in the first quarter in 2009, Thailand’s health and beauty products continue to enjoy strong sales.

Massage and spa products, skin care products, cosmetics, health and beauty products inn general, including hair care products, soaps and perfumes constitute some of the most unique products to import from Thailand. Among standout companies in the Cosmetics and Personal Care Products sector you can find suppliers such as Udorn Sunshine that grows and sells orchid perfume, colognes and herbal tea.
PerfumeOffering a unique approach to Asian holistic practices for use in the modern spa are organic skin care and spa products inspired by Thai healing and beauty rituals sold by another company of note, Ytsara.

Twin Lotus is the first and only manufacturer which uses genuine herbs grown in Thailand for the production of its toothpaste.

Thai Puff markets cosmetic puffs, makeup puffs and powder puffs made from velour and sponge to use as an applicator for cosmetic compact, powder and foundation.

When it comes to quality spa and personal care products from unrefined ingredients, including coconut and sesame oil massage oil, moisturizing soaps, lip balms, body lotions, body and facial scrubs, herbs and flower scent extracts, hair shampoos and hair conditioners, shower gels and soaps, skin care products, hair care products, make up products, musks for perfume, cologne, flavor and fragrance, pure essential oils, massage oils, fragrances, incenses, burner oils, bath oils, towel fresheners, Jojoba oil, Aloe Vera gel, and related gift sets, Thailand is indeed the country to import that kind of product from.

For more leads on suppliers of spa and personal care products in Thailand, go to Bangkok Companies  and Thai Websites.

Unfortunately you just missed a major trade show in the industry, the Thailand Health & Beauty Show that ran in conjunction with Thai Spa Day, but visit the website, put it on your calendar and make sure you attend their next show.