Who will be your customer – how will you sell your imports?

CustomersImporting is a two-part business – first you find a product overseas, you buy it and import it into a country you wish to import into. If you are going to be importing into the United States then once your shipment clears US Customs you can take possession of your goods. Then comes the second part – you have to sell your goods and only once you do you can go back and do the whole process all over again. So the key question is how do you intend to sell your imports?

In general you will sell your imported product in some form of retail or wholesale. Most people think of selling retail. They either plan on opening their own retail store, usually a traditional retail store in a shopping center or a retail outlet on a busy commercial street. Some decide to sell at craft fairs, flea markets or in some kind of home shows. If you are going to buy at great prices overseas you should consider also wholesale. And then there is eBay and selling on the Internet through your website. Online stores have become a trend that every importer needs to look at as viable opportunity how to sell his or her imported product lines. Having an online store allows one to operate his business from the comfort of one’s home and in today’s economy home-based business is here to stay. If you’re in home-based e-business already or have thought of getting started, you’ve probably heard of Chris Malta. Chris started an e-business in his home with only $500 and turned it into $15 million enterprise. If you want to learn about starting home-based business selling online you should really try this program!